Student Responsibilities

  • Always try your best and keep a positive attitude.

  • Please use the restroom, wash your hands, get a drink, eat a snack, and
    trim your fingernails before entering your lesson.

  • Bring your instrument, music, practice notebook, and any other needed
    supplies to all lessons.

  • Practice on a daily basis. There are no time requirements for practicing.

  • Practicing must be quality in nature.


Parent Responsibilities

  • Please make sure your student is prompt to all lessons.

  • Please keep your student’s instrument maintained and in good repair.

  • Please use me as a resource for information if you are considering buying a new instrument.

  • Feel free to come to me with your questions and concerns regarding lessons. Open communication is important for providing productive lessons.


Teacher Responsibilities

  • Always do my best and keep a positive attitude.

  • Be specific with assignments and expectations for the week.

  • Give detailed practicing ideas and techniques in order to support quality practice.

  • Answer any questions that the student may have.  Keep communication open.

  • Be prompt to all lessons

  • Keep current with resources concerning sheet music, instrument repair, and instrument supplies.

Studio Policy